Wolfe & Swickard Purchase Orders

PURPOSE: To define the basic quality requirements for the suppliers of materials and/or services to Wolfe & Swickard Unless otherwise stated on specific purchase orders, drawings, statements of work, specifications, etc., these requirements apply.


The materials and services processed by the Supplier must be controlled by a documented quality management system that conforms to ISO 9001 or AS9100, as appropriate, or by a documented quality management system acceptable to Wolfe & Swickard.


Wolfe & Swickard, Wolfe & Swickard ’s customer(s), and statutory/ regulatory authorities have the right of entry to Supplier’s facilities to determine and verify the quality of work and material. This right extends to the applicable areas of all facilities at any level of the supply chain involved in the order and to all applicable records. Such investigations at facilities will be performed jointly by Wolfe & Swickard, the Wolfe & Swickard customer, statutory/ regulatory authorities, and the subcontractor as applicable.


Measuring and testing equipment used in the performance of this order shall be calibrated in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 or ISO/IEC 17025. The Supplier is responsible for the protection, calibration, maintenance, and care (other than normal wear) of all tooling and equipment owned by Wolfe & Swickard. Such tooling or equipment shall be subject to surveillance inspection upon notice and shall be returned in an acceptable condition upon demand or notice.


Certification is required with each shipment unless otherwise specified. It must include serial numbers, lot codes and date codes, as applicable. It must also list all Special Processes used in the manufacture of delivered items. The Supplier shall identify each individual unit/item supplied to Wolfe & Swickard with a serial or lot number as applicable. These serial numbers shall be sequential and shall not be repeated if required.

If specified, the Supplier shall forward reports of mechanical properties and chemical composition to show evidence of conformance to all applicable specifications for all raw material used in fabrication of the ordered material. For all material used, the Supplier must provide a certificate that reads substantially as follows: Raw materials used in this item conform to all applicable Purchase Order requirements and are traceable to test reports at the point of manufacture.

If specified, First Article Inspection shall be performed and a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) shall be submitted for the first production run. In addition, first article inspection shall be performed on current production runs affected by design changes.

If specified, inspection measurements and/or test results of items shall be taken and included with each purchase order shipment. Actual data to be recorded shall be specified in the detail specification/drawing. The Supplier shall assure that products failing to meet performance requirements are not shipped to Wolfe & Swickard.


A FOD program shall be in place for the prevention, detection, and removal of foreign objects. A copy of the Supplier’s FOD program shall be provided to Wolfe & Swickard upon request.


Special processing is defined as the manufacturing step or process where the end item or result cannot be physically or visually inspected post processing. Examples include but are not limited to: plating, coatings, welding, brazing, etc. Any special processing step(s) must be identified on the Certificate of Compliance. Wolfe & Swickard and Wolfe & Swickard customer have the right of entry to the subcontractor facilities to assess the special process(s) being used to manufacture the end item and to verify the quality of work and material.


The Supplier shall not outsource work from their facility to a sub tier without written approval from the Wolfe & Swickard Purchasing Agent unless otherwise specified. These Supplier Quality Requirements shall be flowed down to the sub tier.

Wolfe & Swickard reserves the right to require and request evidence of Supplier’s ensuring that their personnel are aware of: their contribution to product or service conformity; their contribution to product safety; the importance of ethical behavior.


Counterfeit or unapproved parts are not deliverable to Wolfe & Swickard. The Supplier shall establish a prevention and detection of counterfeit parts program. A copy of the Supplier’s prevention and detention of counterfeit parts program shall be provided to Wolfe & Swickard upon request.

Note: In the event that the Supplier supplies counterfeit or suspect counterfeit material to Wolfe & Swickard, Wolfe & Swickard may report this to regulatory authorities such as GIDEP.


Unless otherwise specified on the drawing, the specification, and/or the purchase order, the following requirements are mandatory:

  • Prior to packaging, material shall be clean (free from foreign matter). Critical functioning or close tolerance surfaces shall be cleaned to insure removal of corrosion, soil, grease, residues and fingerprints, perspiration or other acid and alkali residues.
  • Material not inherently resistant to corrosion shall be inhibited with a suitable medium.
  • Material shall be packaged to the extent necessary to provide protection from the hazards of transport, contamination and physical damage encountered in general handling, shelf storage, and issue.

Nonconforming material supplied must be processed in accordance with a documented system for the control, material review and disposition of nonconforming material. If, after shipment of product by Supplier to Wolfe & Swickard , the Supplier identifies any actual or potential nonconformity of product supplied to Wolfe & Swickard or to the processes used in the manufacture of product supplied to Wolfe & Swickard , the Supplier shall notify Wolfe & Swickard in writing of any such nonconformity, what product, products, process or processes was/are affected, and what corrective action was taken by Supplier to prevent recurrence.

The Supplier may rework nonconforming material (additional processing of material to make the material compliant with material / product specification and/or drawing) only if it does not require to add additional material for compliance. However, the Supplier shall not repair or use as-is nonconforming material without prior written authorization from Wolfe & Swickard. The Supplier may submit, in writing, a request for wavier or deviation of specification requirements through Wolfe & Swickard Purchasing when nonconforming material is believed to meet the intent of the design requirements but may have been repaired via a means other than that permitted within the specification or drawing.

Supplier shall respond in writing to a request for corrective action made by the Purchasing

Agent and/or Quality Management. Corrective action shall be extended to all lower tier Suppliers. All articles rejected and subsequently resubmitted by the Supplier to the buyer shall bear adequate identification of such resubmission either on the articles themselves or on the Supplier’s shipping document. Reference shall be made to the rejection document and evidence given that the causes for rejection have been corrected. If requested, the Supplier shall provide a complete failure analysis describing the actual cause of failure including the component failure mechanism.

All shipments are subject to third party verification.


When design or process control is the Supplier’s responsibility, the Supplier shall not, without prior approval of Wolfe & Swickard , make any change in process, materials or design details that would affect: (a) part number identification, (b) physical or functional interchangeability and (c) repair and overhaul procedures. Copies of the revised drawings or technical documentation shall be forwarded to Wolfe & Swickard. Wolfe & Swickard shall approve the change prior to implementation.

When the Supplier is manufacturing to Wolfe & Swickard design, no departure from the process, drawing and/or specification shall be made unless specifically authorized. In the event the Supplier intends to make any process change or move manufacturing, processing or testing functions to a subcontractor or a new subcontractor, the Supplier will submit a transition plan and new subcontractor details to Wolfe & Swickard for concurrence. Wolfe & Swickard reserves the right to approve both the subcontractor and the transition plan.

For any End of Life (EOL) items, Wolfe & Swickard is to be notified in advance and what, if any, replacement items are recommended.


Supplier records shall be correctly indexed, legible and stored in a manner permitting easy access, retrieval and protection. Retention period for product data for Wolfe & Swickard products is a minimum of seven (7) years or as otherwise defined. Suppliers shall have a documented system for records management and retention in accordance with their internal Quality Management System as well as any customer contractual flow down requirements.


Deliveries will be considered on time is received by the due date per the PO. Supplier must notify the Purchasing Agent in writing of any potential late shipments prior to the due date. Corrective action may be requested depending on the impact to Wolfe & Swickard ’s production schedule. Partial shipments may be accepted if agreed upon by the Purchasing Agent.   Wolfe and Swickard will accept no under-shipments and will only accept 10% over-shipments with prior approval. A Supplier Performance rating report (a.k.a. scorecard) may be issued to designated suppliers.

Corrective action may be requested, and approval status may be impacted.


No materials shall be shipped to Wolfe & Swickard with less than 80% of the full shelf-life as determined by the original manufacturer unless previously approved in writing by Wolfe & Swickard. Expiration dates shall be clearly recorded on the packaging and shipping documents.


The seller shall inform Wolfe and Swickard of any foreign content in the seller’s product including, but not limited to, the country of origin and dollar value of material and labor therein.


The seller shall retain records relating to product conformity including but not limited to PPAP documentation, and certificates of conformity for a minimum of 10 years unless otherwise specified in writing.  These records must be retrievable upon request.  Upon disposal, records must be destroyed and a record of destruction must be maintained.


All terms stated herein are binding unless otherwise agreed to in writing.